Jeff & Katie Glasgow

We’re Jeff and Katie Glasgow and our lives changed when we decided to bring essential oils into our home.  We discovered how easy it was for us to take care of our family using nature’s powerful tools, but it didn’t stop there.   We also found that through sharing these beautiful gifts we could change the situation we were in by helping others learn to take care of themselves as well.  We now have over 5,000 families whose lives have been impacted by what we do and many individuals finding the freedom they desire.

So what did our life look like and how did we change it?  We had the average life;  nothing that was awful or unusual for most.  Jeff had a great job with one of the nation's leading construction companies.  He was a company stockholder and had complete job security.  After working in corporate America for 10 years, Katie was staying at home with our two young children and making sure they had everything they needed.  We had a house in the suburbs and we thought life was great.  And then a friend introduced us to the concept of residual income and how we could find the freedom we only imagined by sharing essential oils with others.

So why did we want to change our situation?  Jeff’s job wasn’t that bad, but he worked long hours that were demanding and we never knew where he needed to be next.  He sat in LA traffic for several hours a day and we didn’t get to see him much.  The stress was weighing it's toll on Jeff and on the rest of us at home.  I loved being a stay at home mom and it was extremely important for both of us to not have our children living at a daycare center, but something was still missing.  I was missing being in a business environment where I could shine and live my passion.

So we decided to get out of the great big comfort zone we were living in and start living our life.  I started sharing essential oils with others while the kids were sleeping or on the weekend when Jeff wasn’t working and something BIG happened.  We realized that the little brown bottles of oils could give us more.  More than we ever dreamed possible.  Within 2 ½ years of beginning our journey, we were able to be completely financially free!  Jeff “fired” his boss and we now live the way we want to live.  We can go on vacation when we want, always be there for our kids activities and we dictate our schedule.  We no longer live in a state of time poverty, but in state of time freedom.  We have found the  freedom life!


We call home Polk City, Iowa, but we have team members nationwide! We are some of the top leaders in our company and now our number one goal is to support any and all that want to find the freedom life that we have created for ourselves. 

Are you ready to change your life?  Are you ready for freedom beyond what you ever thought was possible?  Get ready to embark on the journey of your life and join us in this never ending journey.

Now let’s meet our amazing team of leaders!  Some of these couples we knew before our journey began and some we had never met.  But now, they have become some of our closest friends.  These couples share the same mission that we do, supporting you as you find freedom.