Oil Power


If you are here it means that you want to learn more about what essentials oils are. Maybe you have heard some of your friends talking about them or maybe you’ve experienced them and you just want to know how that tiny little drop of oil just rocked your world. Whether you’ve just started using essential oils, or you’ve been using them for years, there is no doubt in our minds that you are here because you’re meant to be here.

For many of us, when we first started using essential oils we had no clue as to what they could do. I know for many we just thought it was a coincidence that something so small could be so powerful. But then we started having more and more experiences and decided that maybe we weren’t dealing with snake oils, but something that was powerful beyond our imagination.

Let’s take a peek at what essential oils are and why you should choose dōTERRA.

So what exactly are essential oils?

This is the first question we need to get answered and you might be pretty surprised by how simple the answer is.

Essential oils are simply the aromatic compounds that come from a plant. They are what a plant uses to protect themselves from outside threats and they play an intricate role in how a plant exists. Pretty cool, right?


Why would you use dōTERRA Essential Oils

Nothing but pure oils! I choose dōTERRA because I never have a doubt in my mind that what I’m using is nothing but the purest and best oil and product that I can bring into my home. Like many of us, I always want to make sure that what I’m using on myself and my family is the best and that’s what I’ve found with dōTERRA.

Let me tell you a little story about a tomato. Yes, that’s right, a tomato.

Essential Oil Tomato Image

I live in Iowa and in the summer there is nothing better than going out to the garden and picking the biggest, reddest, juiciest tomato right off the vine and eating it like it’s candy. It taste amazing because it was grown in optimal growing conditions, in nutrient dense soil and picked right when it was ready to be picked. Not only do my taste buds benefit from this tomato, but my body does a happy dance too because of all of the nutrients I’m receiving from that tomato.

Now, let’s fast forward a few months to January in Iowa, when it’s cold outside, everything is frozen and there is no plant life. This time of year I have to purchase my tomatoes from the store. And no matter what the package claims, organic, hothouse grown, etc., I know there is no way that tomato is going to taste the same as the fresh picked one from summer.

That’s how I look at essential oils and what I’m getting when I purchase dōTERRA essential oils. I’m getting nothing but the best, that not only smells good, but that my body benefits from in a BIG way. Using dōTERRA in my home is like picking the tomato in July.

Not just purity but integrity

dōTERRA is dedicated to purity in a BIG way, but what else makes us special?

Co-Impact Sourcing. We’re ready to make a difference on a global scale and this to me is the coolest part of our mission.


Using Essential Oils

There are three ways to use essentials oils.

  • Aromatically
    We experience oils in this way each time we open a bottle of essential oil. What we breathe affects our moods and emotions and can help open up our airway.
  • Topically
    Every cell in our body can be affected by one drop of essential oil! A simple rule of thumb when applying topically is to just apply where you feel you need the support of essential oils.
  • Internally
    There are sometimes that taking oils internally can be the most effective way to nourish my body systems.

Many ask which way is the best way to use them? I encourage you to find the best way that works for YOU and in the way that you feel comfortable using each oil. There are oils that I enjoy aromatically but my husband prefers them topically. We both get the results were looking for, just in a different way.

Just remember that with essential oils a little goes a long way. Use common sense when using the oils and have fun!

An overall lifestyle change

When I brought oils into my home I truly thought it would be to use them here and there to support my families health. Little did I know that what we were doing was changing the way we looked at our lifestyle. We truly did find freedom with integrating dōTERRA products into our lives and adapting the Wellness Lifestyle Pyramid.


Ready for more?

Now we’ve peaked your curiosity and you want more!

The best way to learn more about essential oils and to experience what they truly have to offer is to meet up with us for a workshop or a cup of tea and we’ll sit down and really show you what doTERRA has to offer you. We don’t just want you to buy some essential oils, we want to support you in bringing these oils into your home and using them. We’ll also get you connected into our Powerfully Essential Support system and show you what oils have to offer you.

Check out more information on bringing oils into your home and then connect back with the person that sent you here.

Not connected yet? Contact us and we’ll get you aligned with one of our leaders for you to have the best experience possible.


We also have a library of great webinars on many doTERRA products on our YouTube Channel.