Step Up to Silver

Step Up to Silver

So you have the foundation of how to share doTERRA with others down.  You understand the basics of our three door method and how to walk your contacts through them in an effective way.  Now you’re ready for more!  You’re ready for some more advanced principles and strategy to support you in achieving the first leadership rank in doTERRA, SILVER.

Your Powerfully Essential Leaders are ready to take you to the next level and give you all of the tools and support you need.  We’ve run the race and now we’re ready to train you to join us in the true freedom life.  We’re going to do that with our brand new Step up to Silver Program!

So what exactly is the Step Up to Silver Program?  It’s a six-week program where you will be guided and mentored through some of the more advanced principles you will need to become an amazing leader. We’ll make sure you know how to effectively get someone started, how to mentor and how to maximize your time and energies as you start to bloom in doTERRA.

Qualifications to Join:

  • You are truly a product of the product and are out following the 6-3-1 on a consistent basis.  You can easily find, teach and enroll your contacts with confidence and ease.
  • You are ready and able to dedicate a minimum of 10-12 hours per week to your doTERRA business.
  • You achieve or maintain the rank of Premier in the month of October.

What you get with the program:

  • Special group just for you on Facebook with a community of support of wanting to change the World.
  • Daily assignments and challenges to push you as a leader.
  • Daily accountability and mentoring from the Powerfully Essential Team of Leaders.
  • Once a week coaching call with Blue Diamond Katie Glasgow that will include 45 minutes of open Q&A to get your questions answered.

How to join:

Once you have achieved the rank of Premier in October,  send a message to with your name and Wellness Advocate number.