Team Calls

Team Calls

Participating in a weekly team call is one of our key business building activities and part of the 6-3-1 Success Schedule.   As a team, we make it easy to attend one call or many calls each week.   Here are all of the available calls and how to hop on them each week.  Most of them are recorded as well and the recording links will be available in the blog each week and posted in the Power Leaders Facebook page.

Monday Calls:

Our Weekly Ignite Your Passion Coaching Call

This is open to anyone on our team that wants to learn the basics of sharing with others.  Gold Plus Leaders will present a short topic and then we have open Q&A where you can bring us your questions and gain even more knowledge from the best.  Join us for a quick 30 minute call to give you that weekly dose of encouragement and passion.

Can't attend live?  That's o.k., all of the recordings can be found here ===>>>  Weekly Ignite Collection

The password to access the calls is: foundations