The Team

Welcome to the team page of Powerfully Essential.We're a team of passionate individuals who desire to change the way people take care of themselves through pure essential oils. We can't wait to support you as you find the freedom you are looking for; whether that be physical, emotional, spiritual or financial freedom.

We're here to love you and to guide you to find that FREEDOM!

We'd like to take a moment for you to get to know us and our amazing team of leaders. We are ready to take you out of your comfort zone and into a dream life you never thought possible!

Being part of the Powerfully Essential Team means you have access to an entire team of top leaders that are all around the country.  Our number one goal is your success and helping you achieve the freedom you are looking for.

Meet Jeff and Katie - Your Blue Diamond Partners in a Freedom Life

Platinum Leaders:


Rachel and Jason Passini  (Moline, Illinois)

Amanda and Shawn Roberts  (Hiram, Georgia)

Gold Leaders:

Merle and Diane Petersen  (Oxford Junction, Iowa)

Abbey and Paul Peterson  (Eldridge, Iowa)

Renee and Todd Grempel  (Corona, California)

Lindsey and Issac Deurloo  (Sioux City, Iowa )

Katie and Dave Mancha (Hesperia, California)

Now are you ready to get started in the ride of your life? Contact us to get started and you’ll be connected to the leader who is just right for you.