Welcome to Team Powerfully Essential!

As your leaders, we know that sometimes it can be a tad overwhelming with all of the groups, pages and information out there about essential oils. We wanted to make it easy for you to share and to give you the basics you need to get started. Within this site, you’ll find just that - the basic resources you need, plus a few extras only available for our team.

We are part of the Edge Success Family of Wellness Advocates and that means we are pretty fortunate because we already have so many amazing training resources at our fingertips. Rod Richardson and Seth Resinmay had a vision when it came to how we should share essential oils with others and that is how Edge Success was formed.

We are one of the largest teams in our company with over 30,000 Wellness Advocates and counting! Many of the resources within these pages are part of the Edge program. Stay tuned for an exclusive Edge Team training site coming soon. This new site won’t replace the EDGE team site, but be an amazing edition to it so you truly do have all the resources you need to succeed!

The basic concept of the Edge Success System is that we have we lead people through 3 doors, using 3 invitations, which lead to 3 events. It is a simple concept and very easy to follow and duplicate. When followed with consistency and persistency, you will have amazing results. As a team we have a been using this system for almost two years with great success.

Enjoy and lets soar to freedom together!