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Maybe you found this website in a google search, maybe you're a team member who heard of this website in a newsletter or Facebook post, or maybe you just stumbled upon this website by chance.  Whatever the reason, I truly believe you are here because you are meant to be here, and now I want to share with you a little bit about me and how I found what I call the Freedom Life and why I chose doTERRA to be my pipeline.

Here’s a little glimpse into who I am and what my background is. 

In 2010, after “working” in corporate America for 10 years, I found myself as a stay-at-home mom that wasn’t all too happy being a stay-at-home mom.  I loved being at home with my son and baby number two on the way, but I felt like I was missing something.  I was missing part of me.  I didn’t feel like I was doing what I was meant to do, but I knew I didn’t want to go back to a “job”.   (I use the terms working and job here lightly because we all know that being a full time stay-at-home mom is a big job with lots of work involved.)  Not only was I missing something in me emotionally and spiritually, but also I felt like crappola physically because of baby number two.  A trusted friend knew how I was feeling and sent me a few tiny little bottles of what I thought were snake oils to try.  She assured me that by just putting one drop on my belly my life would be changed.  Yeah right!  Or at least that’s what I told myself.  Then I actually opened up my mind to try them.  WOW!  They worked.  That was something I wasn’t expecting.    And the cool thing is they continued to work not only to support me during pregnancy, but also to support my family in all sorts of ways. 


They supported my family in such an amazing way that I decided to share them here and there with my friends and family.  When they started having the results I was having I realized there was some pretty darn cool power in these little brown bottles.  And here is where I discovered my passion - that piece I was missing.  That piece that made me want to jump out of bed in the morning and dance around the house! It wasn't just the oils that made me do that, it was the business opportunity that was attached to the doTERRA oils that really sealed the deal. 


I had always had a big passion for entrepreneurship.  I come from a family of entrepreneurs.  My grandfather, father and brother are all farmers and my three other siblings are entrepreneurs.  Working for myself was instilled in me from a young age.  In fact, it's what I have my degree in from Iowa State University!  But, I had never found exactly what I wanted to do to be my own boss.  I had kicked around the idea of other direct sale companies, but nothing ever truly resonated with me.  When I saw the JOY that people had on their face when they tried essential oils and the JOY on my face when I looked at the business, I couldn't help but decide to pursue doTERRA in a big way. I finally felt like I was home.


So now I have a mission.  And it’s a pretty big mission.  It’s to show people how to be empowered to not only take care of their families in a natural way but to also know they too can create the freedom life.  What is a freedom life you ask? A life where you don’t feel helpless at 2:00 am when your baby is crying from oral discomfort because you know you have an oil to support that.   A life where you can stay at home with your children because it’s important to you, but not feel like part of you is missing while you do it.   A life where you can explore the woman you are and become the butterfly you are meant to be.  A life where we can live our true passion.  A life with options that can happen with just ONE drop of liquid gold in the palm of our hand.   ONE drop can give us freedom, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial freedom.  Let me show you how it can be yours with essential oils.


During this journey I have found that I'm a pretty darn good Business Coach and Momprenuer and I'm proud to call myself a network marketing professional.  I have a special gift to lead people to identify and achieve their goals.  In fact, my husband Jeff and I are some of the top leaders in doTERRA so we support thousands who want to learn how to take their life from good to awesome.  Are you ready to join us in this journey?  We're ready to coach you in a big way and help you discover your true self.  

Check out our opportunity!  Make sure to watch the video and then let's get started.

Our Opportunity 


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